Managing Your Grant

Foundation Relations provides guidance throughout the grant reporting process. Learn more about the steps you can take to prepare accurate reports.

Congratulations on receiving a grant award from a private foundation!

As principal investigator, you are the authority on the progress of your grant‐supported work and the final products produced. Timely and responsive grant reporting represents basic stewardship for philanthropic grants. Foundation Relations is happy to provide guidance throughout the reporting process; however, it is ultimately your responsibility to prepare and submit timely and responsive reports.


If your foundation grant has very limited reporting (i.e., no fiscal reports required or further compliance/regulatory controls), it may be managed through a development fund within The Ohio State University Foundation. For grants with detailed reporting requirements, administration will be supported through the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). The Ohio State University Foundation has an agreement with OSP that allows for the transfer of philanthropic grants for purposes of fiscal management and reporting. This empowers you, the principal investigator, to track spend‐down and progress through the PI portal. The determination on where funds are managed is made based on the terms of each grant agreement in keeping with established policies and best practices.


Private foundations are unique partners in advancing research and programming. Private foundations are often investing in several initiatives and researchers across the university. Foundation Relations sets strategy for meaningful touch points aimed at reflecting both our gratitude to each funder and highlighting the impact of their investments in unique and relevant ways. As a recipient of private foundation support, you play a key role in this process. Our team will guide the process, working in concert with you and central and unit‐based stewardship teams to curate relevant experiences for our donors.

Hosting Foundation Site Visits

Grant seekers often spend significant time developing a proposal, but have very little time to prepare or coordinate logistics for site visits with the funder. Foundation Relations supports planning and coordination of site visits and will work with you, leveraging central and unit-based partners, to ensure a seamless engagement experience that may include meetings with investigators, relevant facility tours, and introductions to leadership (as appropriate).